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L. Bedenfield

I had planned on coming to Texarkana to research. Because of my illness, I was unable to do so. What are other resources to check unline in Texarkana.

RE: African Americans in Texarkana

Dear L. Benefield;

Just a view examples of how to find out more about African American history is Texarkana Ark-Tex, is to research the following:

1. Booker T. Washington High School has one of the best Class Reunions I have ever seen. You can contact them through the internet. Just about every class from 1939-present attend these reunions. Now that's just the Arkansas Side. The Texas Side you can contact Paul L. Dunbar High School Alum. Many of my great-aunts and uncles attended Booker T' and my grandmother graduated from there in 1940. My great uncle Mott H. Mosley was Principal there for several years. So many people from these historically "Negro/Black/African American" schools have gone on to do so many great things Nationally it's amazing.

2. Another source is ANCESTRY.com. I was able to find my ancestors back to 1799 in about a month through the census information; crossed checked by information given to me by family over the years.

3. Contact the Texarkana Genealogical Society or go to their web site. They have tons of information on their site.

4. The great thing about Texarkana is it's name, Texas-Arkansas-Louisiana. You can go to Miller County, Hempstead County,Little River County, Layfatte County in Arkansas; Bowie County and Harrison County in Texas; Caddo County(Shreveport) in Louisiana and find information about Texarkana. Miller/Bowie as primary sources of course. But I gave you all of these counties due to the history of the region(the railroad, farming etc.) and how Texarkana got its name. I gave you Harrison County Texas because of the Freedmens Bureau.

5. I don't know if you or someone you know is from Texarkana, but my history goes back to  the 1870's and the African American Community there is steep, with national ties that cross generations. But if you flip through the city directories you can probably find someone who can trace their African-American family to the pioneers of the city.

Those are just a few. It took me many sleepless nights, e-mails, weekends and contacting family to see migratory patterns between many families in Texarkana in relation to those aforementioned counties.

Good Luch in your search.
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